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Russian River

The Russian River is a long river that flows through the Californian counties of Mendocino and Sonoma. The river springs from the Laughlin Range and flows southward parallel to U.S. 101, past Ukiah and Hopland to the Alexander valley where it mends with the Big Sulphur Creek. Then the river flows further south past Asti and Geyserville finally emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

The river gets its name from the Russian trappers that lived in the area during the early 19th century, who explored the river and established a Russian American company colony Fort Ross 10 miles northwest of the river's mouth.

Before the river was called the Russian River it was called Ashokawna, which means "east water place" and Bidapte, which means "big river". The Russians called it Slavianka and Slavyanka.

Today the river has become a popular vacation spot for campers and tourists. One of the main attractions of the river is fishing, and river is open for fishermen year round. During late fall the seasonal fish to catch is the Steelhead, then April through June is the season for the "mighty" shad, after that in the summer the Small Mouth Bass, Bluegill, and Carp are all the seasonal fish. Several other fish, the Large Mouth Bass, Striped Bass, and the Catfish can be caught year round. All beaches along the riverbank are public and open for fishing.

Other main attraction to most people that come to Russian River is camping. People enjoy camping at Russia River because it is an affordable, enjoyable, and a peaceful getaway. Most campgrounds are located near Lake Sonoma. Popular camp sites such as Salt Point, Bodega, and Casini Ranch stay on the river banks and enjoy full river access, boat and RV parks, and many wineries around them.

The banks of the river are lined with many vineyards and award winning wineries. Most wineries can be accessed from a single road that runs parallel to the river known as the Russian River Wine Road. These wineries are famous for producing wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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