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Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California

This is one of those rare ski destinations where the nights are as exciting as the days. It's always about the skiing but in Lake Tahoe is also about the nightlife. Right in the middle of this 'Casino Capital' is the Heavenly Gondola which rises from the valley floor to a different world. This is an idea resort regardless of your ability level... with 35% Expert/Advanced, 45% Intermediate and 20% Beginner a great mix for all. Heavenly is a BIG MOUNTAIN sprawling over 4800 acres of terraine and 182 trails, 30 lifts, 9 mountain peaks spanning in two states (California and Nevada). To quote Heavenly directly We've got it all, from breezy blue squares to hair-raising black diamonds. There's NO better tree skiing on earth. And experts will have a field day at Mott and Killebrew canyons. This is what other mountains want to be when they grow up. Heavenly, Lake Tahoe’s premier winter playground. Straddling the border of California and Nevada, and located on the shore of Lake Tahoe, no other mountain compares to the inspiring scenic beauty and exhilarating experience of Heavenly.

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