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Coulterville, California

Coulterville was named after George W. Coulter, who in 1850 established some tent stores in the area with George Maxwell. The Mexican miners who were already working the area gave the town the name Banderita ("little flag") after a small American flag outside Coulter's tent. When the post office was established on Nov. 20, 1852, the town was given the name Maxwell's Creek, but in 1872, the name was changed to Coulterville. By the 1860's, the placers were almost played out, but, unlike other gold rush towns, it didn't affect Coulterville as it was well established as a supply center. Eventually it was discovered that Coulterville sat upon one of the richest veins of gold-bearing quartz in the Mother Lode and soon hard rock mining became an important part of the town's activity (mining continued well into the 20th century). Even though Coulterville was plagued by fire, as were many gold rush towns, burning to the ground in 1859, 1879, and 1899, many historic buildings have been preserved. Coulterville's Main Street appears in the National Register of Historic Places and the town itself is a State Historic Landmark (#332). Coulterville is located at the intersection of CA-132 and CA-49.

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